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Become a Foster Home


What does it mean to be a Foster Family?

Animal Outreach believes that there are many advantages to having our animals in foster care rather than a shelter environment while they are awaiting adoption. The animals flourish in a less stressful living environment while getting the care they need from their foster family.

Many of the animals that come into our care are strays. It is very important that we determine their personality, so having them live in foster homes is the best way to do this. While becoming a foster family is a big commitment from the whole family, the reward of knowing that you helped save a life through your efforts can be great.

What is your commitment as a foster family?

For an adult cat, your commitment could be three days to ten months. Kittens are put up for adoption after they have reached 12 weeks of age and been spayed/neutered. If you agree to be a full-time foster family (vs. an emergency foster home), you will need to be licensed by the state and Animal Outreach will insure you as a foster home.

You must have the time needed to care for the individual needs of the animal. While kittens are very cute, they need much socializing to grow into great adult pets. Adults are usually less work to foster.

What should you consider before deciding to become a foster home?

  • How will your family pets react to a foster cat/kitten? The care of your own pets is very important to us.
  • Animal Outreach will pay for any medical expenses, pet food and litter for your foster animal.
  • Do you have a quiet place in your home where the foster animal can be?
  • While you may welcome an extra pet into your home, does the rest of the family agree to participate in the socialization and care of a foster animal?
  • Does your family have time to spend with a foster animal? Are you willing to drive a foster animal to different adoption events so they have a better chance of being adopted?
  • Will you be able to say goodbye to your foster animal?

The rewards of being a foster family are huge!!!

You can take pride in the fact that you helped an animal find a home for life!
Please contact us today to help our community's homeless animals!


Maybe you can not commit to adopting an animal for life, or you enjoy the pleasures of raising kittens without the worry of how you will adopt them to a family. Become an Animal Outreach Humane Society Foster Family today!

Foster Home Application

To apply to be a foster home, please download and print the foster home application here and return it filled out to animal outreach at 

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