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Sunday, March 29, 2020

General Adoption Info


One of the most important programs to allow a county to become "No-Kill" is strong, readily available adoption programs. Animal Outreach has adopted out over 5000 animals, and makes itself available for adoptions as much as our volunteer resources allow. 

Animal Outreach does not have a physical shelter facility, the majority of our animals are kept in volunteer foster homes, and some others are kept at local Petsmart Adoption Centers located in those Petsmart stores (and available for viewing whenever those stores are open).

In addition, information about all of our animals up for adoption is available at any time on this website or visit us on 

You can visit our animals at the following locations during business hours seven days a week!


Adoption Information Checklist

Animal Outreach currently adopts out only cats and kittens. The cost of adopting an animal from Animal Outreach is as follows:

  • Kittens under 1 year - $150.00 
  • Teenagers under 2 - $125.00
  • Adults 2 to 7 years - $100.00
  • Seniors 7 and up - $75.00
  • Senior to senior - no fee
  • Some cats may be less based on certain circumstances like special needs.

Each animal includes the following services:

  • Already spayed and neutered
  • Blood tested for FELV & FIV with negative results
  • Has already been given its distemper shot
  • Dewormed
  • Rabies vaccination (PLEASE NOTE: Kittens under 16 weeks of age are not old enough for rabies vaccination. For any kitten adopted under 16 weeks the owner will be responsible for cost of the vet visit and rabies injection.)
  • Microchipped
  • Vetchecked and deemed healthy (Note: if an animal has special needs it will be indicated)
  • 48 hour health guarantee
  • Lifelong return policy of adoptable cats
  • The vast majority of our animals are cared for in loving foster homes which gives the animals more social interaction and allows us to better see their personality traits.

NOTE: We do not do any pre-adoptions for animals that are not ready for adoption. If you want to fill out an adoption application for an animal that is already available for adoption, please fill out an adoption application for that animal here. We can change it to another cat/kitten if when we go through the adoption process with you, you select another animal.


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