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Rescue, Foster, Adoption Program (RFA)


Rescue, Foster, and Adoption (RFA), is one of the core programs Animal Outreach operates. Animal adoptions are often what most people think of when they think of animal welfare groups/shelters, and Animal Outreach has rescued and adopted thousands of animals since its inception. This program requires a tremendous amount of resources, but is a vital component to achieving our goal of making McHenry County a no-kill county. This program consists of three distinct parts.



Potential adopters are interviewed and screened to assure they meet all Animal Outreach requirements of an adoptive home. We also work hard to assure that we understand the character and behavior traits of each of our animals so that we can help make the best match for both the adopter and the animal. We also do our best to assure that the animals are in the best of health. You can see all the animals we have available for adoption on our site.


Foster Care

Animal Outreach does not have a physical facility. We rely on the foster care network we have developed and operate to take care of the animals until they can be adopted. Foster homes are a great way to care for the animals as the foster home family can give the animal the attention and love it needs to develop into a well-rounded animal who can then be easily adopted into a family.

Animal Outreach foster families are animal lovers just like you who realize the difference they can make by helping us save animals, one at a time. If you would like to see what being an Animal Outreach Foster Family entails, you can check out our foster families page.



This is probably the most difficult (and at the same time rewarding) program within our organization. Each month, Animal Outreach gets hundreds of calls from individuals who, for many different reasons, can not keep their cat, or have found a stray. It is our hope that we can in some way offer some help to everyone. We assist these individuals through the many avenues and resources we have developed throughout the years, and often can come up with some creative way to help.

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