There is always a WIDE variety of things that we need help with:


Volunteer Adoption Counselors

One area where we always can use volunteers is at our adoption events at local locations like Petsmart and Petco stores. We have a counselor handbook to offer guidance, and we always pair up new counselors with more experienced counselors until they are comfortable. The number of animals we can help rescue is directly related to how many adoption events we can staff with adoption counselors.


Foster Homes

Because Animal Outreach is a "virtual" shelter (we have no physical building), the number of animals our organization can help at any given time is directly related to how many foster homes we have available to care for them. We have some foster homes that foster for us year-round, and others that do it only for a portion of the year, or on an emergency basis. If you'd like more information about fostering, you can check out our foster home page.



We need a volunteer to help build our library of photos, as well as potentially help us put together videos for our website and Facebook. We always need good pictures of volunteers in action and animals.


Special Events and Fundraising

Animal Outreach funds all of its programs through its fundraising, we receive no money from any government entity. We are constantly in need of help creating new fundraising events and supporting our existing fundraising endeavors. Some of our regular special events are nail trims, an annual pasta dinner and silent auction.


Community Business/Organization Outreach

Are you a local business owner? Do you know someone in the community who would be interested in helping an organization like Animal Outreach (and getting their own promotional benefits out of it). Animal Outreach is always interested in expanding our list of friends in the community, and looking for mutually beneficial partnerships with others in the community.



Animal Outreach has monthly Crafting for Critterz and Knittin for Kittens events. If you like to do crafts, come join in the fun and help make crafts for fundraising to help the homeless animals in the community! Crafts can also be made at your home, at your leisure.


Help Us with EBAY

Animal Outreach sells many goods on EBAY. Some of these goods are crafts that our crafting volunteers make, others are donations of goods people have made to the organization. We have a great reputation on EBAY, and raise considerable funds to help our organization. If you have strong EBAY skills and would like to help us, it would be a great fit.
Our Selling Name on EBAY is Animal Outreach Society


Office Work (done from your home)

While we don't have a physical facility, we still have many office-type tasks that need to be done. Things like logging phone messages, making callbacks to check up on adopted animals, entering information into our database, and more. These tasks can all be done from the comfort of your own home.


Special Skills/Talents You May Have

Do you have special skills you would like to share with us that would help us? Animal Outreach is always looking for ways to reduce our expenditures, increase our revenue, and make our organization better. If you have a talent or skill you can volunteer that you think we could use, we'd love to hear from you.


Help with our Programs

In addition to our Rescue, Foster, and Adoption program, we also support a number of other programs (see our Programs and Services pages) where we can always use help.


Writing Grant Proposals

There are some organizations out there who do specifically offer grants for animal welfare non-profit organizations like Animal Outreach. If this is something that interests you, let us know.


Help us save more lives

Volunteering some of your time will really make a difference! If you are interested in becoming an Animal Outreach Volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application (PDF Version or Word Version).
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